KMI’s rental division closely monitors global trends so we are always able to offer the latest developments in lighting technology to our clients.

Lighting for all events

Because we cater to a wide variety of client events, we ensure to always have lighting available for all types of occasions.

From conferences, corporate events,weddings, outdoor stage light shows all the way down to ambient lighting, our technicians will give you piece of mind for your unique event.

Experience and Expertise

Even though our technology is bigger, brighter, faster and better, we believe that technology alone is not enough to make your event stand out for the rest. That is why all of our lighting designers and operators have gone through intensive training to achieve the experience and expertise required to bring your special event to life.
This training coupled with our team’s innovation and creativity, ensures we are able to deliver extremely high standards KMI has become known for.

Our technology

Our extensive lighting hire stockholding includes Chauvet, PR Lighting and OBY fixtures with the capability to display custom monograms, DMX Creator Software, Dimmers and Trussing. This allows us to service pretty much any type of event ranging from live concerts, conferences, television, film, weddings and theater.